pub trait DeserializeComponents<E, M> where
    Self: Sized,
    E: Display,
    M: Marker
{ type Data: DeserializeOwned; fn deserialize_entity<F>(
        &mut self,
        entity: Entity,
        components: Self::Data,
        ids: F
    ) -> Result<(), E>
        F: FnMut(M) -> Option<Entity>
; fn deserialize<'a: 'b, 'b, 'de, D>(
        &'b mut self,
        entities: &'b EntitiesRes,
        markers: &'b mut WriteStorage<'a, M>,
        allocator: &'b mut M::Allocator,
        deserializer: D
    ) -> Result<(), D::Error>
        D: Deserializer<'de>
, { ... } }
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A trait which allows to deserialize entities and their components.

Required Associated Types

The data representation that a component group gets deserialized to.

Required Methods

Loads Components to entity from Data deserializable representation

Provided Methods

Deserialize entities according to markers.

Implementations on Foreign Types