Type Definition specs::prelude::WriteExpect

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pub type WriteExpect<'a, T> = Write<'a, T, PanicHandler>;
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Allows to fetch a resource in a system mutably. This will panic if the resource does not exist. Usage of Write or Option<Write> is therefore recommended.

Trait Implementations

Type of joined components.

Type of joined storages.

Type of joined bit mask.

Open this join by returning the mask and the storages. Read more

Get a joined component value by a given index. Read more

If this Join typically returns all indices in the mask, then iterating over only it or combined with other joins that are also dangerous will cause the JoinIter/ParJoin to go through all indices which is usually not what is wanted and will kill performance. Read more

Create a joined iterator over the contents.

Returns a Join-able structure that yields all indices, returning None for all missing elements and Some(T) for found elements. Read more

Create a joined parallel iterator over the contents.