pub trait ParallelDrainFull {
    type Iter: ParallelIterator<Item = Self::Item>;
    type Item: Send;

    fn par_drain(self) -> Self::Iter;
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ParallelDrainFull creates a parallel iterator that moves all items from a collection while retaining the original capacity.

Types which are indexable typically implement ParallelDrainRange instead, where you can drain fully with par_drain(..).

Required Associated Types

The draining parallel iterator type that will be created.

The type of item that the parallel iterator will produce. This is usually the same as IntoParallelIterator::Item.

Required Methods

Returns a draining parallel iterator over an entire collection.

When the iterator is dropped, all items are removed, even if the iterator was not fully consumed. If the iterator is leaked, for example using std::mem::forget, it is unspecified how many items are removed.

use rayon::prelude::*;
use std::collections::{BinaryHeap, HashSet};

let squares: HashSet<i32> = (0..10).map(|x| x * x).collect();

let mut heap: BinaryHeap<_> = squares.iter().copied().collect();
    // heaps are drained in arbitrary order
        .inspect(|x| assert!(squares.contains(x)))
assert!(heap.capacity() >= squares.len());

Implementations on Foreign Types